Sunday, December 6, 2009

mofam :P

this past weekend (friday 4th-sunday 6th) we went to a skiing lodge called mofam we went with a whole group of people. was awesome.

the first night was pretty chilled. we arrived there and went on this monster big banana ride. you sit on it along with 5 other people and you are conected to a rope which is connected to a speed boat. It's really fun, although you do get very tired trying to climb back up on it.

that night we decided just to lounge around the lodge. i tried to go on mxit but there was no reception : i jumped up and down on the bed trying to find some service, i heard my friend scream "watch out!" then i realised i had jumped up and hit my hand in a moving fan. all i saw was my phone go FLYING accross the room. well thats something i'll never forget.

the next day (saturday) we all went quadbiking...i was at the end and being the absolute FOOL i am i stopped and let the rest go on so i could go bloody fast. i accelerated to much and the whole quad flipped over and tumbled down a hill along with me on it. i fell through bushes and trees and who knows what else. i ended up UNDER the quad. 5 minuites later i realised that the others hadn't realised that i bailed. wow. i felt so loved. frinally someone came to help. they found me under the quad PACKING out laughing. i have cuts all over, but it was definatley worth the damage :P

today was chilled, we took out a little motored boat then just went home.
(just one other thing.. the people in the picture are not us. it's just a random picture.)

we are now getting ready for the killers..heck yesh :)

any one going tonight enjoy :)


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