Sunday, December 20, 2009

Back in Cape Town :)

hello theeere :):)

we haven't been in Cape Town for like 1o days, so we haven't been blogging, BUT now we're back baby :P

we were in Arniston. Very awesome :)
it's on the coast and the water gets very very warm, the average was about 22 degrees. our main hangout spot was either the I N S A N E L Y cool cave or Roman Beach...and the spa ^^

the cool thing about arniston is that it isn't like Cape Town...its safe lol. that means late night walks to the beach and chilling in the cave until you really can't see for shit.

if any of you go check it out, we advise you to go visit the hotel. get a massage and eat :)

although we were bleak about leaving, it's good to be back in cape town.
arnistons beach is great, but not the same as camps bay and clifton :)

off to go chill
enjoy your holidays, i know we are.

peace peace

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