Thursday, December 10, 2009

McDonalds mission-

today we were hungry, and had a craving for McDonald's. we had no lift there, so we just decided to walk from fresnaye to McDonalds. (we didn't realize how far it was.) by the time we got to sea point we were EXHAUSTED. we went down to the little beach at the promenade and did some things there ;) (nothing too dodgy). then we just decided to get a 5 rand taxi to was our first time ^^ FINALLY we arrived at McDonalds and bought all the stuff for us and our friends at home (who were too lazy to mission with us). in the queue we were just chilling looking at the menu, when a police member started flirting with the counter lady. this was their conversation: counter lady : im sorry lovey, i am not on the menu. a while after... counter lady : would you like white sugar or brown? police man : i want some brown sugar ;) (in a very seducing voice) (we know that might be a bit racist. we had nothing to do with how this conversation went on. we just telling you what happened.) we got our food, and caught another five rand taxi...a old guy sat on my lap while having a very odd smile on his was a strange experience....but it was worth it
because in the end we had our burgers ^^

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