Wednesday, December 23, 2009

p a r a n o r m a l...a c t i v i t i e s

we went to the movies and decided to watch paranormal activities.
it is the SCARIEST movie i've seen in my life. omp. it seems sooo real, thats what makes it so bladi scary. its in a documentary form. it's been made in an excellent way. it really is a very good movie. i'm not going to tell you too much about it, as it's going to ruin it for you :P if you're the ttype of person who l o v e s horrors, i suggest you get off your ass and go watch it. it's definitely worth it. cheers ;)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Back in Cape Town :)

hello theeere :):)

we haven't been in Cape Town for like 1o days, so we haven't been blogging, BUT now we're back baby :P

we were in Arniston. Very awesome :)
it's on the coast and the water gets very very warm, the average was about 22 degrees. our main hangout spot was either the I N S A N E L Y cool cave or Roman Beach...and the spa ^^

the cool thing about arniston is that it isn't like Cape Town...its safe lol. that means late night walks to the beach and chilling in the cave until you really can't see for shit.

if any of you go check it out, we advise you to go visit the hotel. get a massage and eat :)

although we were bleak about leaving, it's good to be back in cape town.
arnistons beach is great, but not the same as camps bay and clifton :)

off to go chill
enjoy your holidays, i know we are.

peace peace

Thursday, December 10, 2009

McDonalds mission-

today we were hungry, and had a craving for McDonald's. we had no lift there, so we just decided to walk from fresnaye to McDonalds. (we didn't realize how far it was.) by the time we got to sea point we were EXHAUSTED. we went down to the little beach at the promenade and did some things there ;) (nothing too dodgy). then we just decided to get a 5 rand taxi to was our first time ^^ FINALLY we arrived at McDonalds and bought all the stuff for us and our friends at home (who were too lazy to mission with us). in the queue we were just chilling looking at the menu, when a police member started flirting with the counter lady. this was their conversation: counter lady : im sorry lovey, i am not on the menu. a while after... counter lady : would you like white sugar or brown? police man : i want some brown sugar ;) (in a very seducing voice) (we know that might be a bit racist. we had nothing to do with how this conversation went on. we just telling you what happened.) we got our food, and caught another five rand taxi...a old guy sat on my lap while having a very odd smile on his was a strange experience....but it was worth it
because in the end we had our burgers ^^

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the killers!!!

we were going to post this on monday morning, but we were too tired and had other stuff to do :P
so here we are writing it two days after the actual concert.

anyway...the concert was on sunday the 6th. it was about a 45 minuite drive from cape town, but it took us FIVE hours because of all the traffic. there were four of us sitting in the boot of my dads land rover in this terrible traffic, and with this drenching heat. at times wejust wanted to get out the car and walk. after a while i got so pissed off with the heat and all, i went to lay down on the roof of the car...thats how slow the traffic was.

Zebra and Giraffe was the opening act for the killers, but because of the bloody traffic we only heard one song, but it was all worth it.

we were all starving! so we got this funky greek thing which burnt the crap out of my mouth. so we just decided to get a boerewors roll :)

we had some time before the concert started, so we went to the shop and we all got the killers t-shirs...exept for me...i got zebra and giraffe ^^

finally the killers came on, it was absolutely incredible! the main singer wore that jacket he wore in "human" music video. i think the best jam was "mr brightside" everyone went completely ape shit when they played it. it was amaing.

when the concert came to an end, as they were playing the last song a whole lot of confetti fell from the sky. it was so sick.

evryone wasscreaming for an "encore" or whatever you call it, so the band came out for one last song.

we all walked back to the car, and the traffic back was so bad, we literally did not move once in 2 hours. no lies. all my friends fell asleep. but i was a bit to pumped up.

we got home at about half past one, and just crashed down.
but it was definately one hell of a great night :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

mofam :P

this past weekend (friday 4th-sunday 6th) we went to a skiing lodge called mofam we went with a whole group of people. was awesome.

the first night was pretty chilled. we arrived there and went on this monster big banana ride. you sit on it along with 5 other people and you are conected to a rope which is connected to a speed boat. It's really fun, although you do get very tired trying to climb back up on it.

that night we decided just to lounge around the lodge. i tried to go on mxit but there was no reception : i jumped up and down on the bed trying to find some service, i heard my friend scream "watch out!" then i realised i had jumped up and hit my hand in a moving fan. all i saw was my phone go FLYING accross the room. well thats something i'll never forget.

the next day (saturday) we all went quadbiking...i was at the end and being the absolute FOOL i am i stopped and let the rest go on so i could go bloody fast. i accelerated to much and the whole quad flipped over and tumbled down a hill along with me on it. i fell through bushes and trees and who knows what else. i ended up UNDER the quad. 5 minuites later i realised that the others hadn't realised that i bailed. wow. i felt so loved. frinally someone came to help. they found me under the quad PACKING out laughing. i have cuts all over, but it was definatley worth the damage :P

today was chilled, we took out a little motored boat then just went home.
(just one other thing.. the people in the picture are not us. it's just a random picture.)

we are now getting ready for the killers..heck yesh :)

any one going tonight enjoy :)


Saturday, December 5, 2009

2012...the end of the world

helow :)

we decided to go and see the movie 2012.

if you like russian people and tension go and see it :).

good movie though.

looks real.

quite long, but it is about the end of the world.....hahaha

we are actually pretty amped to see it it happens, if we are not dead we will make sure to write a post about it ;)

its only a movie :P
go check it out

Friday, December 4, 2009


heyyy :)

guess what??...
today was the last day of school !!!

PRIMARY school to be exact.

we all know what this means.....HOLIDAYYYYSSSSS!!...oh and HIGH SCHOOL :D

hell yes finally !!

today we got people to sign our shirts :) just like a souvineur. just a little reminder of what we went through.Add Image

anyways we are off to PARTY :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


Thursday, December 3, 2009

our plastic grass

we used to have NORMAL grass. but's plastic.
i mean seriously. our old grass wasn't the best, but at least it wasn't plastic :|
to you it may not sound that bad. but trust us. it is.

-rules and regulations of the plastic grass:
*our sport teacher has an obsession with watering it.
*it needs to be brushed, on a regular basis.
*we cannot eat on it, or else it grows fungus (sis)
*in summer it feels like the grass is melting on our ass.
*it creates a large amount of static electricity. (we all end up shocking each other)

what would you prefer?
normal grass?
or "AstroTurf"?

new to this :)

SWEET. our first post ^^
we had a guest speaker today at school (seth rotherham from 2 oceans vibe). we were inspired. so here we are, eating mini pizzas and writing this random ass post for this random ass blog on a random ass thursday.
if you don't like random crap..leave. :P